My name is Hardy Scheel and I live in the western corner of Germany in a big town called Cologne or Köln as we say.

My favorite topics

I’m very interested in software development and computer science in general. Besides I’ve a lot of various interests that differ from time to time, like making music, playing guitar, researching in politics and history, or doing some sports.

My skills

A summary of topics I am working on, have worked on in the past and things I’m dealing with:

Java, JavaFX • JavaScript • PHP • Perl • Docker, Vagrant, HyperV, Virtual Box • PostGreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle DB 11 & 12

try out algorithms • MV* architecture pattern (like MVC, MVP, MVVM) and frameworks • networks • computer hardware components

music recording • ProTools, Cubase, Studio One • microphoning • drum pattern programming • music composition


I am currently on a vocational training (retraining) for:

In the past I did:

My technical history