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Get to know git as a version control system.

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Change the user for a repository

Git uses a hierarchical configuration of multiple levels. Settings in higher levels override values in lower levels. Lower levels inherit from higher levels (eg. local inherits from global).

  • system - Settings for all users of the system are stored in git installation folder: your-git-installation-folder/etc/gitconfig
  • global - Settings for the current user are stored locally in your user home directory: ~/.gitconfig
  • local - The current repository settings are stored locally in the repository directory: .git/config

You can configure an individual repository to use a specific user which overrides the global configuration. From the root directory of the repository, run the following on command line:

$ git config "your name"
$ git config

The default user for all repositories is configured in the global configuration file in your home directory ~/.gitconfig. You can also run the following from command line:

$ git config --global "your name"
$ git config --global